Actress & Vocalist

Hi there, I'm Stephanie!
I'm a Southern California-based actress and singer that specializes in voice-over and music. I'm a choir and theatre kid who grew up, fell in love, and never left the industry.
I take great joy in being vocal clay and exploring my vocal capabilities. I have received extensive training in vocal work from singing in a wide range of styles to breathing life into roles both big and small! (I've even been a mouse!)

Singing Demo: Coming Summer 2024

Although I have no demo files to place here now, I'm very excited about the work I have in progress with my vocal coach. I cannot wait to share with you soon!

Femme Fatale • Princess • Villainous • Powerful • Cute • Unique • Playful

Commercial and Character Demos: Coming Summer 2024

My commercial demo is currently in the writing stage, with my character demo to follow shortly after. I'm very confident in my work with my vocal coach and am excited to share these with you soon!

Fresh • Powerful • Bright • Energetic • Compassionate • Conversational • Musical

My Experience

✦ Music Production & Performance Certificate - Musician's Institute
✦ Private Lessons: Baraka May
✦ Sound on Studio Courses
✦ Real Voice LA Courses
✦ Joe Zieja's Voice Acting Academy
✦ MSJC; featured in student voice over
✦ Audiobooks for Stroke Survivor
✦ Voiceover for Regal TikToks

Other Media

I've had the great honor of being featured in some incredible products outside of voice over. My favorite is my hand modeling feature. This can be found on the back of all DC comics from January of 2020 to March of 2020 for the marketing campaign of Birds of Prey.

Home Studio Specs

✦ Roswell Mini K87 Mic
✦ Babyface Pro FS
✦ Studio One 6 Professional
✦ Windows custom PC or Macbook Pro
✦ Sound-treated space
✦ Zoom, Skype, and Source Connect capabilities
✦ Flexible Open Availability
✦ Turnaround Time: 48-72 hours; Rush 24 hours or less

More About Me

Hi there! ✌️ I'm Stephanie Rose! I am a California born and raised songstress and voice actor!From a young age, story-telling has cradled my soul and brought light into my life. I have always been captivated by stories in every medium and have been completely awestruck with the digital world.Before pursing my education in music and theatre, I was child torn between training dolphins as a marine biologist or being the next Disney Princess. I dedicated my college education to music performance and creation. Which, in turn, also saved my life. I am actively pursuing voice over and music, while writing a novel that has simply lived in my head for too long.It hasn’t been an easy task to navigate this career while being a full-time corporate employee and while also dealing with a disability. To overcome the obstacles, I never stopped learning, taking private lessons, attending workshops, and performing every chance I got! I will never falter on the path to living my bigger than life passions!Self-expression and self-identity are incredibly important to me, as I believe without it, there would be no magic and no stories in this world. I love creating with makeup, and expressing myself through fashion - I do have a mighty impressive collection of 300+ shoes. In my free time you can find me at the piano, with my nose in a book, a game controller in my hand, or at Disneyland. I love all things heroes and villians, found family, and empowering! And yes, I love a good enemies-to-lovers storyline.